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The formation of a four carbon ring between the pyrimidines

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canada goose store One way ultraviolet light can harm cells is by directly damaging DNA. This is something many of us are reminded of every spring and summer it’s the cause of sunburn! As the name suggests, direct DNA damage occurs when a photon of UV light hits DNA. DNA is a very large molecule that normally absorbs the energy it gains when hit with a photon of UV light and then quickly releases that energy as heat. During the time after the DNA absorbs the energy and before it dissipates the heat, it is in a higher energy state and is more reactive; the shorter this reactive time is, the less likely it is that the DNA will undergo a harmful reaction. It turns out that DNA is extremely effective at dissipating the extra energy quickly, so it gets damaged less than.1% of the time it’s hit by UV light. In the cases where damage does occur, how does it happen? There are different ways excited DNA can react, but the fusing of two base pairs is the most common. If two pyrimidine base pairs (thymine or cytosine) are next to each other, the two rings can fuse together. This type of reaction, called a pericyclic reaction cheap canada goose, is possible because of how close the rings are and how their symmetries align. The formation of a four carbon ring between the pyrimidines makes it difficult for DNA replication enzymes to determine what base pairs should be across from the fused pyrimidines. A copying mistake like this can change how the DNA encodes a protein, resulting in an abnormal protein. If the mutation occurs in an area which codes DNA repair enzymes or tumor suppressing proteins, this mutation could lead to cancer canada goose store.