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Jake made a video saying faze banks is a woman beater

It even encouraged in the fucking recovery program to blame the drugs instead of yourself for the things you did, that how deep in denial addicts are. I seen a woman go up in front of the meeting and admit to selling her daughter to a pimp for drug money, and she still didn understand why her daughter didn want her in her life years later. Motherfuckers were applauding her and telling her how strong she was for “getting through it”.

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swimwear sale Another thing that was a big controversy, i think i mentioned it in another comment, was Jake had an assistant, who was at a nightclub and claimed faze banks physically assaulted his assistent. Jake made a video saying faze banks is a woman beater basically and tried to ruin his reputation. Jake also said faze banks cheated on alissa that night as well. swimwear sale

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